An Emergency Edition

A one-off appeal


Colin here. Some friends of WITI are working virtually and on the ground in Kabul helping get interpreters, fixers, and other Afghans out of the country. Flights have been secured after a lot of backchanneling. Mountains have been moved and now it is time to secure safe ground transportation.

The non-profit World Is My Country Foundation, run by a former Green Beret we trust, is trying to raise $100k as quickly as possible to cover secure ground transportation to the flights. He and a small team of quiet professionals have already done a ton to help get people to safety. But there is more to do. 

This is a Dunkirk moment. For those looking at photos and reading stories about what’s happening in Afghanistan, this is a moment to provide direct support. Donate anything you can via a Gofundme here (or the big green button below)

Here are the details:

TWIMCF and SFSM have secured funding for a flight out of Kabul.

Due to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, air evacuation is now not the only problem. We now have to enable people to get TO the airport safely and in a controlled manner.

We're working right now to raise $100k for safe ground travel. The growing security problems and nonexistence of police escort throughout the country means we'll need other means to get people to the flight safely.

As we get safe ground travel, TWIMCF and SFSM are working on next steps. Our flight will be headed somewhere among the countries that can help.

Thank you to everyone who's continued providing support and donations. Your resources are making all this possible for our friends who need it.



-Team WITI.