Why is this interesting? - The Thanksgiving Edition

A special WITI with links from the community. Thanks to all who contributed!

Noah here. For those living in the US, happy Thanksgiving. We’re going to take tomorrow off, but wanted to leave you plenty to read over the long weekend. To that end, we’ve asked WITI contributors and readers to submit links for this edition. Lots of good stuff to get through. Big thanks to everyone who added links and it is amazing to see how great (and interesting) this community is. We’ll probably be back to ask for more in December. (NRB)

Quick Links:

Thanks for reading,

Noah (NRB) & Colin (CJN) & Friends (A-Z)

PS - Noah here. I’ve started a new company and we are looking for a sr. backend engineer to join the team. If you are one of those or know anyone who is great, please share. Dinner’s on me at a restaurant of your choice if you help us find someone.

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