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As a past owner of the Punkt phone, I can tell you that the Jasper Morrison's design was definitely seducing but the build quality was frankly sub-par. A nice idea, with cheap execution (probably due to the fact that they are using third-parties on limited order quantities..and with limited product engineering expertise to begin with).

Punkt seems mostly dormant nowadays, they haven't been releasing anything new since forever and a brand made of an alarm clock, a cordless and a mobile phone isn't probably going to make a lot of money.

Now, the category killer for me was the Focus Mode that Apple introduced (btw: always though that this "no distraction" thing was more a software problem than a hardware's"). It allows you to tune off every noise-inducing app and still benefit from the obvious advantages of having a computer in your pocket (maps, spotify, etc.). In hindsight, to me, Punkt looks like a curiosity more than anything.

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