Cape Town is my favorite city in the world and I love the shimmer you suggest. Cape Town is where billionaires go to die because its natural beauty is unbelievable. Your biggest decision is whether to visit the Atlantic Ocean side or the Indian Ocean side. Tough choices. My first look at the Atlantic side was of friends carrying their wind-surfing buddy across the beach (broken leg); the nearest hospital might be 1.5 hours away. The Indian side has always been calmer in my experience, plenty of surfers there, too. (Wondering, Joseph, which side you've chosen?) Joseph's prose dances atop the thin crust of local violence; newcomers should be aware that Cape Town is one of the murder capitols of the world--for every reason. Also, baboons have fangs powerful enough to ward off leopards and lions. They can be too friendly. Which makes the alluring suggestion of psychedelics nearly irresponsible. There are better, safer places for that. You don't need drugs to enhance the experience of Africa, anyway. The people are wonderful and the scenics extraordinary. Cape Town is my favorite city in the world.

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